About this blog

I’d love to go to Sri Lanka, but what should I see or do there?

I’d love to go again, but what else is there to see?

There are loads of holidays advertised, but how can I avoid moving hotel every night?

We’ve had these questions put to us several times by friends and people we have come across. So, rather than just list off things that they’re likely to forget very quickly, we thought we’d capture our recommendations on a blog…..it seems to be the way to go these days.

Just so you have more to read about than the limited experiences of one short vacation, we’ll share a selection of our Sri Lanka travel notes over recent years. We want to find out more for our next trips too, so have invited family, friends and fellow Lanka-lovers to contribute with more!

We prefer to stay in 4* and 5* hotels and generally hire a vehicle and driver to transport us around the country. Plenty of budget hostel and public transport options are available, though you will need to research those elsewhere.

We hope to inspire you to take the chance to love Sri Lanka too.

About us

Dennis & Chitra Englund

We travel as tourists, but with local friends and Chitra’s (rusty) abilities to speak Sinhalese, we gain a novel experience on our tours with a few insider tips that maiden (and some seasoned) travellers may not know about. We want to share what we know and keep learning more about this little paradise isle.

Chitra: I was born in Sri Lanka, where I lived during my younger years until my family and I moved to England, my second home. Work took me to Denmark, where I met Dennis and lived for 15 years.

Dennis: I had never been to Sri Lanka until Chitra and I were married. Now it’s one of my favourite places to visit – I just love all those smiling faces and the spicy food!


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