Passing Through: Colombo-Kithulgala-Delhousie

Our Journey took place on January 9th 2013

The route to Adam’s Peak took us from Colombo upwards. We made an early morning start, so as to enjoy scenic surroundings as we drove into the highlands.

Colombo – Kithulgala

We left Colombo at 8am, heading eastward and inland via the towns of Avissawella and Hatton, before continuing uphill on the winding, mountainous roads to Nallatanniya then Delhousie.

After 3 hours of travel, we stopped for lunch at the beautifully located Kithulgala Resthouse. Its claim to fame: the rest house and the surrounding area were used as a base for location filming of the 50’s movie classic Bridge on the River Kwai!

Local and ‘western’ menu options were available – we opted for the Sri Lankan offering as usual and were provided with a selection of delicious curries.

Located beside the Kelani River, the views from the dining room were soothingly spectacular! We had a positive impression on a peek at the guest rooms overlooking the gardens and river – large, beautifully furnished and clean. Some fly fishers were making the most of the river below and white water rafting and further river-based activities were on offer too. Although we did not have the time (or inclination) to try anything, a few hours on the water could easily have been fitted in before continuing mount-ward the same day.

Kithulgala to Delhousie

We protracted the 3 hour drive from Kithulgala to Dalhousie by almost an hour, as we stopped constantly to take in the scenery and photos. From the town of Hatton, the road is very mountainous and generally narrow, although the driver took care to stop at safe, view-spotting locations. Beautiful views of the distant Adam’s Peak, hills, waterfalls, tea plantations, valleys, vegetation. Finally arrived at our destination at about 5pm.


Read about our Dalhousie and Adam’s Peak experience here.


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